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CLEAR CHOICE is an active transportation company in the state of IL.  All our drivers are licensed with spotless driving records. 

To verify any transportaion company in the state of IL that has been properly incorporated check 

We are a transportation company, such as the CTA, Greyhound, Amtrak, etc.  With that being said we are only required to provide transportation to and from your requested location.  We are not affiliated in any way to the correctional facilities, so it is you are responsibility to contact the respective facilities with any questions (i.e., lockdowns, visiting hours, what clothing is acceptable, what paperwork is needed, etc.). THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE IF YOU ARRIVE AT THE FACILITY AND YOU ARE DENIED YOUR VISIT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T VERIFY THEIR RULES AND REGULATIONS, UNFORTUNATELY THERE WILL NOT BE A REFUND.

Q- Are you licensed and insured?

A- Yes.

Q- How long have you been in business?

A- Since 2011.

Q - Are you on Facebook?

A- Yes, please LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.  Please copy and paste this link into your web browser.  

Q- How can I confirm you are a legit business?

A- Please copy and paste this link to the IL Secretary of State into your web browser also check the Better Business Bureau:  

Q- How far in advance do you
post the next month's schedule?

A- By the 5th of the current month.

Q- What other services do you provide other than transportation to prisons?

A- See the 'Schedule/Services' tab above.  We are a full service transportation/charter/shuttle company.

Q - Why did you change the price?

A - 99% of our riders are adults, so we made the price for ALL seats $55.  This is a benefit to those that were paying $65 and up depending on the location.

Q- Why was the trip cancelled?

A- It may be cancelled for a number of reasons,  (i) not enough paid riders, (ii) the route to the prison has unsafe weather conditions forecasted, or (iii) a safety inspection performed uncovers issues with the vehicle. These are a few of the main reasons a trip is cancelled. SAFETY is always first.

Q- Does an infant need to pay?

A- Yes, anyone occupying a seat is required to pay.

Q- Does an infant/small toddler need a car seat? 

A- Yes, as required by the law and for safety reasons.

Q- Can I pay at the bus the day of the trip?

A - No.  For safety reasons cash is not accepted at the bus unless absolutely necessary.

Q- Can I make arrangements to pay in person?            

A- Yes, by appointment only and you must CALL 2 HOURS before you want to make your appointment. This insures someone will be available to meet you in person. The general location for in-person payments is Dunkin Doughnuts located 1614 W. 59th, Chicago IL; but other arrangements can be made to meet.  Please inquire when making your arrangements.  


Q- If you're offering a special, why do I have to pay full price if payment is received Friday after 7pm?

A- Because we make a final head count to see if the trip will be made.  The schedule is posted well in advance so that you should be able to make the payment deadline.          

Q- What other forms of payment do accept?

A- Western Union or Money Gram.  When making Western Union or MoneyGram you are required to call 2 HOURS AHEAD of making the payment.  This ensures we keep with our "FIRST COME FIRST SERVE POLICY"

If you require a refund and you've paid by either of these forms of payment, Clear Choice is not responsible for the fees associated with using these payment options.     

Q- How are refunds processed?           

A- Refunds are processed in the manner received.   If you paid online: the refund will be processed online.   If you paid in-person:  a representative will arrange a drop off of your refund back at the Dunkin Doughnuts on  BUT you must return the original signed receipt.           

Q- Can I leave my refund on your log until the next trip?

A- Yes.

Q- Do I get a refund if the trip is cancelled by Clear Choice?        

A- Yes absolutely.    

Q- Do I get a refund if I cancel?           

A- If you cancel 72 hours prior to the trip, yes you will get a full refund.

If you cancel between 24 up to 71 hours, you will get a partial refund; less a $20 cancellation fee per seat.  If you after the 24 hours, you have lost payment completely. Why?  Because that seat(s) could have been sold.           

Q- What if I can't get in, what do I do for the remaining time?

A - Clear Choice is required to remain at the location until all passengers for that particular location are signed in.  In the event, you  do not get in, the driver will drop you at a nearby restaurant.  You are not allowed to remain on the bus/van because the driver needs rest/sleep time.  Clear Choice has no authority over the facilities rules, dress code or regulations.       

Q - Do I get a refund if I can't get in?

A- No, you are responsible to find out what is required to gain access (each facility is different).  Clear Choice has fulfilled its obligation to transport you to and from the facility. Clear Choice has no authority over the facilities rules, dress code or regulations.

Q- Can you ask the prison to let me in?           

A- No. Clear Choice has no authority over any of the facilities rules and regulations.

Q- Do I get any type of refund if the prison shortens my visit?          

A- No. Clear Choice has to follow the rules set by each prison.  We have fulfilled our obligation as a transportation company.              

Q- If my visit is cut short and I call you, do you come right back and pick me up?               

A - No.  While we like to, we do have a schedule we work by.  You will need to wait at the location until the vehicle returns at the designated time provided to you by your Driver.         

Q- Do I get a refund if the vehicle breaks down during the trip?

A- Yes, only if we don't make it to the facility.

Q- Where do we meet the bus the day of the trip?

A- At the McDonalds on 87th by the Dan Ryan and at the McDonalds on Court St in Kankakee, IL 

Q- What if I don't make it to the bus/van in time?                     

A- Unfortunately, you have lost your payment.  It becomes unfair to the other riders who were able to make the departure time.

Q- The bus/van leaves very early, do you have grace period?  

A - No unfortunately not. We try to be the first group at the location so it is very important that you are prompt on the day you are scheduled to make the trip.    NOTE: We do offer pickup and dropoff service starting at an additional $15.  

Q- Do you have trip insurance in case I don't make the trip?                                                               
A- Yes, we offer trip insurance for an additional $15.  This covers your payment in the event you don’t make the trip for whatever reason. Your payment is held for the next trip you are able to take.  If you make your alternate trip arrangements and are again unable to make it, you will have lost your payment.

Q- What time does the bus/van leave?                             

A- Times vary. Please check our website for the time for the location you are visiting.  The vehicle does leave promptly at the time schedule for departure.                          

Q - How long is the trip?

A - Generally the trip is anywhere between 16-18 hours.


Q - What time will we make it back to 87th?                             

A - We generally arrive back at 87th between 10pm and 11pm, depending on the traffic.  The arrival times can vary.


Q - Why is the departure time so early, my bus doesn't run that early?                             

A- To ensure arrival at the facility is as close to the time the facility opens. Unfortunately, you will need to make arrangements to meet the bus at its scheduled departure time.  NOTE: We do offer pickup and dropoff service starting at an additional $15.  

Q- What is the dress code for the prison I'm going to?                                                                 A-Clear Choice doesn't have any say in the prison rules and regulations. It is your responsibility to check with the respective prison on dress code.                               

Q - What form of ID is acceptable when visiting a prison?                                  

A - Generally, you need 2 pieces of ID.  We do URGE you to call the prison you are visiting to inquire.

Q- Can I leave my personal items on the bus/van?                                         

A- Yes, but Clear Choice is not responsible for your personal items left on the bus/van. Each facility has a locker that you can store your personal items.  If your items are left in the bus/van they will be searched.  The facilities do random car checks for any vehicle coming to the location so it is important that you don't have anything incriminating in your belongings.

Q- Do you offer pickup and/or drop off service?                                                  

A-Yes, starting at an additional $15.  The cost depends on where you are located.

Q- Can I bring a child that is not mine for a visit?                                               

A-Yes, but it is your responsibility to check with the facility to ensure you have the proper notarized paperwork.

Q- Do you stop and eat during the trip?                                                     

A- Yes, but only at rest stops which have rest rooms and vending machines.  We do not stop at any restaurant, so we urge you to pack your lunch/dinner. 

Q- How long are the visiting hours?                                              

A- Generally each prison offers a 4 hour visit on the weekends.  Visiting hours are longer on the weekday.  Your visiting time starts the moment you are dropped at the facility. You should check with the prison you are visiting to confirm.  Each location is different.

Q - Do you take visits on the weekday?                                                            

A- Yes, if the requests are placed and there are enough riders.                                                       

Q - Why are we taking the van as opposed to the bus?                                                            

A-The bus requires a certain amount of riders.  The van will go out with 5-6 riders; sometimes less.

Q- Do you do overnight visits to prisons?                                                       

A- Not currently, but Clear Choice is exploring this idea for the upcoming year 2016.

Q- Do you have a frequent rider discount program?                                                                   

A- Not currently, but Clear Choice is exploring this idea. 
Prices, dates and times are subject to change.  Clear Choice reserves the right to update pricing, dates, times and locations.

Please check back regulary and get your payment in as soon as possible to secure your seat
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